We’re committed to the highest standards for safe environmental practices.

Our Committment

At PCS we are deeply committed to ensuring the highest environmental standards in our operations. After all, the secondary market has an important role to play in ensuring that the telecommunications industry minimizes their environmental impact. We work with conventional recycling organizations and companies that can extend the lifespan of devices through repair and re-manufacture, as well as reclaiming materials from materials at the end of their lifecycle. We follow the highest standards for disposal of waste in an environmentally friendly and legal fashion.

Our Actions

You don’t have to take our word for it. Independent bodies agree, PCS acts in a responsible manner. Our operations are R2V3 certified, the industry standard. R2V3 certification also means that we require our downstream suppliers to follow consistent processes and sound environmental practices. What’s more, we also hold ISO: 14001 certification, addressing environmental management. Together, that builds to a meaningful environmental impact.