Making the right connections

In the face of a rapidly changing and maturing market, Operators worldwide are looking for new ways to contribute to the financial health of their business and ensure customer loyalty.

Device inventory can pose a number of problems, from the logistical issues around warranty returns to the challenge of profitability in the face of OEM restrictions on disposal. Our expertise in the residual value of devices enables us to work with the world’s leading operators in three key ways.

Asset Recovery

Operators may find themselves holding an excess amount of end-of-life devices, as a new OEM product launch approaches. Commercial demand may have declined, but the OEM has placed restrictions around the sale of their devices. PCS can help you generate maximum value for unsold or returned equipment, minimizing losses. With our OEM experience and broad global distribution network, we can ensure that devices are disposed of responsibly.

Buy-back and Warranty Returns

Build profitable programs that act as levers for customer loyalty and encourage upgrades. We will advise on pricing, using our knowledge of residual value and international secondary markets. PCS also offers residual value guarantees that help you offer your customers the best possible value for their returned devices, incentivizing trade-in.

Open Market Programs

PCS works with a wide network of partners around the world, ensuring that your used devices can be placed in the right place, at the right time, to extract maximum value for you. We have twenty years of experience building relationships around the world, ensuring there’s always a market for your used devices.