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From our beginnings in New York, we have grown into a global company with a footprint on four continents.

In addition, Miami Lakes, FL (HQ) and Florham Park, NJ, enable us to keep in touch with local market needs, while our global reach ensures that the right devices go to the right client, at the right price.

We operate warehouse facilities across the world’s major hubs for smartphone sales: Florida (HQ), New Jersey, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Dubai, Dominican Republic, and Japan. 300,000 square feet of warehouse space enable speedy and efficient turnaround of product. We offer over 3,000 SKUs annually, providing our customers with unparalleled choices. Our commercial offices are based in Florida (HQ), New Jersey, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Dubai, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Across our network, we work with more than 1,300 clients in over 80 countries, ensuring that we can closely match each customer’s precise needs.

PCS By The Numbers

Trading in 80+ countries

8 Warehouse Facilities

9 Commercial Offices